The experience gained with the PIZZANEWS portal has lead us to develop an exclusive service for the pizza world. After many years, we realized that as well as being a 360° comprehensive information portal about the pizza sector, with news, stories, recipes, videos, pizzerias and above all pizzamakers, PIZZANEWS was becoming an effective roll for pizzamakers. So we decided to create a world-wide pizzamaker register to fulfil the needs of people searching for pizza professionals as well as those offering their own know-how in the sector.
This is the story behind ALBOPIZZAIOLI.COM, the first search engine for pizzamakers.
Albo Pizzaioli - sistema di ricerca testuale con autocompletamento
Autocomplete search

The first method consists in typing the pizzamaker’s name directly on the search field. You may research either names or surnames. The system will provide in real time a selection of names that fulfil the information provided. You may select and click on the desired name to open the corresponding profile.
Albo Pizzaioli - sistema di ricerca filtrata
In depth search using filters

For a more thorough research, ALBOPIZZAIOLI.COM offers a system of search filters. To use the system, click on the last key next to the the search field. A pannel with a series of filters will appear allowing for a more precise search based on your preferences. After selecting your preferences, click on the key "Apply filters and search".
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