Peter Vago
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Nationality: Ungheria

Residency: Regno-unito
Region: Northampton
Province: Northamptonshire
City: Gretton
Second language: English Advanced
Pizzamaker since: 2017

I started as pizza chef since 2017 After I learned to make my own dough Since 2020. All of my fresh dough knowledge is coming one of the best Italian master pizza chef Giampaolo Maffey who having more than 25 years experience and he still my mentor and my best friend! So now I making successfully and with lots of passion my own dough for my costumers, in a proper Italian way what is mixed with a “cheeky” Hungarian style...
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Classic pizza
Neapolitan pizza
Pizza by the metre
Roman pala
Gluten-free pizza
Gourmet pizza
Dessert pizza
Bari focaccia
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Minimum wage (€ 1.462,00 before tax) Up to € 3.000,00
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